PIC Trainer Board

A microcontroller is an independent framework with peripherals, memory and a processor that can be utilized as an implanted framework. Most programmable microcontrollers that are utilized today are implanted in other purchaser items or apparatus including telephones, peripherals, autos and family unit machines for PC frameworks. Because of that, another name for a microcontroller is “inserted controller.” Some implanted frameworks are more advanced, while others have negligible necessities for memory and programming length and a low programming many-sided quality. Information and yield gadgets incorporate solenoids, LCD shows, transfers, switches and sensors for information like mugginess, temperature or light level, among others.

There are a few various types of programmable microcontrollers at Future Electronics. We stock a significant number of the most widely recognized sorts arranged by a few parameters including Bits, Flash size, RAM estimate and number of information/yield lines, bundling sort, supply voltage and speed. Our parametric channels will enable you to refine your list items as per the required details.

Programmable microcontrollers contain broadly useful information/yield pins. The quantity of these pins changes relying upon the microcontroller. They can be designed to information or a yield state by programming. At the point when designed to an information express, these pins can be utilized to peruse outer signs or sensors. When they are designed to the yield state, they can drive outer gadgets like LED shows and engines.


Course contain for Microcontroller Training…

Basic Electronics:

Basic Idea of Electronics equipment.

Find the value of Resistor using color code

Working Principal of Transistor, Capacitor, Diode & others Electronics & Electrical Equipment.

Make a Rectifier Circuit.

In brief of Relay internal structure.

Formation of Magnetic Contactor.


Microcontroller Hardware & Programming:

Basic idea of PIC16F877A

Biasing system of PIC16F877A.

Make a MCLR circuit for PIC16F877A

Make hardware for PIC16F877A.

Basic idea of PIC C compiler

LED Flashing Program

LED Scrolling Program

For Loop Program

LED Multi scrolling Program

Ambulance Light Program

Make hardware for PIC16F877A.

7 Segment Program

0 to 9 display program for DOT Matrix display.

A to Z display program for DOT Matrix display.

Pulse Wide Modulation (PWM) Program.

LCD drive Program

Steeper motor driving program

Temperature measurement & display Program

PWM Program for inverter